Frequently Asked Questions and help

1- The mania that Xiaomi has to take out 10 models of each variant example: Mi 10
2- The complication that some devices suppose for so few users of said device
3- It is preferable to remove 11 devices and well, to remove 32 devices and have errors
4- It does not give me life to be able to compile so many devices, when I had to do a general release I would hit 2 days in spaces of 12 hours (in total 24 hours) to compile the 32 devices that were supported
5- It is a free project, we do not charge even for the time invested in uploading the ROM to the servers, the creation of the bot that facilitates things (such as the new ONE Team BOT as well as we do not charge the time invested in offer help in our groups and answer questions that you have basically always answered.


- Download the ROM corresponding to your device.
- For your safety, make a backup of all your data including the internal memory (photos, videos, music ...)
- Save it to the device
- Go to Custom Recovery and hit install -> select the file you just downloaded
- If you come from any other ROM or the OneOS from January 2021 and it is not a monthly update, do format data (the one with "yes")
- Restart
- Enjoy


Two Options
1- With OTA
-Go to Updater app and push Update, Download and wait it for download - After Download push install, if i appear one message saying your memory it's encripted no matter, continue
- If in recovery you need enter your pin/pattern/password, please install manually, the rom, its on the root of your internal memory
- If you have unencrypted memory, flash your Disable Force Encryption, if you have encrypted memory, dont flash anything more.

2- With manual download
- Go to downloads page and download the correct version for your device
- After download send to the device
- Install it from your recovery
- If you have unencrypted memory, flash your Disable Force Encryption, if you have encrypted memory, dont flash anything more.

The changes in the base are enough, later there would be problems associated with the installation in dirty that you would blame us, for which it is better that you install in clean and avoid serious problems.

In principle and isolating technical problems, Xiaomi holidays or Xiaomi stops (which would be reported in the NEWS channel of our Telegram) updates would be every Monday (weekly) and can be found and downloaded from: @OneOS_Weekly and every 3rd of every month the devices that use stable bases in: @OneOS_Stable.

The data that we collect ourselves are solely and exclusively for the statistics system of our project, something like this is sent to our database: "3959arlfkal395910 21.4.17 Mi 11 20214182021 airtel canada" where: "3959arlfkal395910" is a mixture of parts of IMEI + WIFI / BT MAC example your imei is 3959123478913 the ROM takes only the first 4 digits, from your MAC BT takes the first fragments and from the MAC WIFI the same, and encrypts them so that this data cannot be decrypted ( apart from seeing fragments of little use), this is done so that each submission to the database is unique for each device and does not overlap with other devices, we continue "21.4.17" is the version of OneOS that has been installed. "Mi 11" is the device in which it has been installed (Device model), "20214182021" is the date and time of installation / update, "airtel" is the operator and finally "canada" is the country from where it is It has installed, formerly out of curiosity to want to know which countries we installed we used to the country today what you see in the "Statistics" part of this same website is the only thing that interests us, that is, Device and version of The ROM installed, these data are only and exclusively in our database and they never leave there, we are not interested in anything else, they are purely statistics to know which devices are the ones that use us the most, everything else does not matter to us.

Unfortunately we will have to stop supporting it ourselves, and we would support a more current device that we have pending and in mind.

Ironically and after long weeks of testing and problems, when we released the new version we did so under a not very updated Xiaomi basis since it took a long time to compile each version with all those mods, the thing is that after the launch, Xiaomi made changes to the MIUI layer that scatters all our functions to other references, example: if before a status bar mod was in SystemUI now it is in SystemUIPlugin but not only happy with that, they changed the entire scheme of their framework which renders 80% useless of our mods. To this day I am still working on being able to carry some of the old mods.