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If you like this project, consider donating, no matter how much or less you can donate, it'll help in the maintenance of the servers. PAYPAL

And if u want other method exist VERSE
Use my Verse Tag: $badwolfalfa
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After register go to settings--> promotions and enter this code: QYV4DK
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How can I be a beta tester?

We currently do not support the entry of new Testers to our team. For now we can test the builds that we are, if necessary we require someone, old acquaintances of ours will be prioritized or it will be reported on our Telegram channel how they can be part of our team.

What base is it?

Xiaomi EU modified with parts from us and from the global / china. THE REASONS why we use Xiaomi EU is because it saves us work in the deodex and in applying translations (isolating Spanish that 80% is our own), who knows Xiaomi EU well, and in turn knows that the differences are enormous in many aspects.

Can I see the status of the builds?

Of course, but you have to know what you are reading, since our system is a local Jenkins installation, it is possible that at this time it is not available because the compilation computer is turned off or, failing that, it is under maintenance, for this you can see if It is on or not from our SERVER STATUS page if you want to see what our Jenkins is doing you can do it from here.

Special Thanks:

- XIAOMI Global/China Developer base
- XIAOMI.EU (Updater & base)
- MIUIPRO (PowerOff Menu adaptation)
- Sipollo & Carlos(MIUI Launcher MOD)
- Betatesters OneOS
- 4PDA Forum for the patchs
- SuperR (Kitchet for unpack dat.br)
- BurguerZ (Owner of the fantastic tool called jBart for work with MIUI ROM's)
- sharifs72 a great point for work with mods on systemui
- Irbis (@Spektykles) for the Build Props Tweaks and Harman Kardon Sound

How can I see the list of changes?

To see the list of changes you can do it from OUR CHANGE LIST PAGE if there is an update but there is no change list, it means that there is no change on our part or on the part of Xiaomi noteworthy.
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