Funds and Maintenance

This fund is monthly, what does that mean?
Well, the condition is € 200 per month (divided into 15 devices that receive weekly version) among 6 thousand users who are in total both in the Spanish and English groups.
It is not a mandatory payment, but the month that this sum is not reached, weekly's will not be launched for that device and only the monthly ones will be released (and the weekly that corresponds to that week for the weekly).
Why is this done?
Why we have added multiple devices, you are many users and there are many expenses between one thing and another, the most crucial being the light that the compilation equipment consumes.
I doubt that it is difficult to reach the monthly cap among so many users.
Example of operation:
From now until June 28 we will be taking out weekly, if the € 200 is not reached on June 28, it will not come out weekly for that device until August 28 (in case the € 200 had been reached) a Once € 200 is reached for next month (when it is due), the balance will be renewed in order to maintain an order.

OneOS Team.

PS: the old links with their corresponding month will be kept available to the public, to maintain transparency and that it can be ascertained which months the task has been achieved or not

Donations will be used for the following (monthly):

- Server maintenance (€ 5)
- Maintenance of the computer equipment used for compilations (variable cost depending on whether any hard disk or component is damaged approximately € 40/60)
- Light (variable but around € 40 depends and varies according to the current rises)
- Debt with a tester who financed the Poco F2 Pro back in the day (€ 75 out of € 200 left)
- Fiber Optic / Internet (€ 15 used by the € 37 build tower)
- Possible acquisitions of equipment (€ 50)
- Research and development (€ 30/50)
Total: € 170/200

That entire current month there will be no weekly for the device, and they will come out again once the funds for that device are obtained.
Example: Mi 10 (umi) gets the required fund to receive weeklys during July but Mi 10T / Pro / K30S Ultra (apollo / pro) does not, it stays in the middle, Mi 10 (umi) will come out weekly but not Mi 10T / Pro / K30S Ultra (apollo / pro) until full stop.

To participate, click on the bottom of your device and you will enter the PayPal link in which your current status will appear.

Mi 9 (cepheus): Founds
Mi 9T/ Redmi K20 (davinci/in): Founds
Mi 9T Pro/ Redmi K20 Pro (raphael/in): Founds
Mi 10 (umi): Founds
Mi 10T/ Mi 10T Pro/ Redmi K30S Ultra (apollo/apollopro): Founds
Mi 10 Lite/ Mi 10 Lite Zoom (monet/vangogh): Founds
Redmi Note 8 (gingko): Founds
Pocophone F2 Pro/ Redmi K30 Pro (lmi): Founds
Mi Note 10/ CC9 Pro (tucana): Founds
Mi 9 SE (grus): Founds
Mi 9 Lite/ CC9 (pyxis): Founds
Redmi K30/ Poco X2 (phoenix): Founds
Redmi Note 9 Pro 5G/ Mi 10i 5G/ Mi 10T Lite (gauguin): Founds
Poco F3 (alioth): Founds
Mi 11 (venus): Founds

We are currently in the first month of maintenance fund, on June 28 this section will be updated with the ongoing fund already completed